Interior Trends for 2014

If you are about to decorate or refurbish your home before you go and purchase a few litres of white paint,
here are some things to consider:

One of the big trends for 2014 is going to be a revival of the Ancient Classics like the Greeks, Romans,
and Egyptian Cultures but applied in a more modern way. So we should be seeing things like murals on walls;
use of columns; symmetry layout and busts.
Circular shapes are also forecast to be popular. This can include a round coffee table to circular shaped walls.

The Retro Look of the 50’s and 60’s will continue as is the Vintage Style of the pre- & post- war years.

Egyptian Statue

Radiant Orchid 
The colour Purple often associated with Imperial Rome is the ‘in-colour’. Purple is also associated with Royalty,
wealth and prosperity. It is also good for mental stimulation. The shades and tones of the colour Purple can vary
from a light lilac, to a bright striking purple to a more dusky grey shade of plum. According to Pantone Colour
Institute the colour for 2014 is ‘Radiant Orchid’ (18-3224).

Varies shades of Grey will continue to dominate and will filter down to the mass market as people move away from white and cream walls and opt for more subtle colours. Grey was often seen by many as boring or bland. If anythything Grey, if applied correctly, is a sophiscated and elegant colour. In the last few years Grey has become a really 'cool' colour being used for everything from mobile devices; cars; fashion and even company rebranding. In interiors Grey can be applied equally well in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Another colour that will be big this year is Mustard Yellow. A warm, golden colour it has feel good influence like the Sun. Mustard works well as an accent colour for things like cushions and accessories, feature wall, cover for an armchair, etc. Mustard also works well with purples, greys and blues.

Different shades of Blues are also predicted to feature in schemes so whether you like Turquoise, Sky Blue, Royal Blue or Navy Blue, you’ll certainly be in-style. Blue is often most cited as a favourite colour and has a calming and restful influence. It's appeal is that it can be used in a variety of ways.


Shades of Blue


Grey Shades

Metallic colours like gold and silver will also continue to be popular with designers.
Will we see any of these trends or are they just fads? These are very exciting
trends and I think many will filter down to the mass market like the move away
from white walls. Like with anything, it's all in the application. If you get it wrong,
it can be a disaster but correctly applied, you can create interiors that are very
unique, very special and have a personal touch.
Metallic Colours


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