Avocado Bathroom Suites Are Making A Comeback

1970's Avocado Bathroom

Avocado bathrooms, remember them? Well they are making a comeback. Avocado & Peach sanitary ware, that were the preserve of many household bathrooms in the 70’s and 80’s, are back in vogue and kitchen islands are now out of fashion, along with oak floors. So if you have just refurbished your kitchen or bathroom, spent several thousands of pounds having a kitchen island fitted or installed a gleaming, white sanitary suite, would they be considered passé?

In fact, the interior design market changes like the fashion clothing market, albeit it on a slightly longer time span. What is in one year is out the next, and many of the trends that we hoped were confined to yesteryears are suddenly revived. The difference between clothing and interior fashion trends is cost. You can alter your wardrobe for a few hundred pounds but to change your interiors could set you back several thousand pounds. This would no doubt cause a massive dent on the finances of many households, were they to change their interiors as often as they change their wardrobe.

Most of us in the UK update our interiors on average every 7 years. Underlying the ‘seasonal’ changes in interior fashions, the look that has dominated the UK market for the past 10 years and seems set to continue is for contemporary, open plan living with white being the dominant colour against which other colours are added. Feature walls with either patterned wallpaper or a dominant colour are still very popular. In bathrooms, white sanitary ware appears to be the colour of choice with colour injected via the choice of tiles selected. Separate wet areas are also becoming more common place as either a separate showering area in large bathrooms or where space is limited like loft conversions.

However, that is not to say this style appeals to everyone. What one person likes, another may not. This is the realm of the Professional Interior Designer and why they play such a vital role. As well as being in touch with trends and styles, their job is also to understand a Client’s tastes, understand their requirements and relate these to the current trends. They also have to consider the changing circumstances of their clients over the coming years. This is called future proofing. Based on the information ascertained an Interior Designer is able to devise a design that works for that individual client.

Open plan living

So what is important? Fashion and aesthetics are essential up to a degree but so are how the space is used, people’s personal tastes, how it makes them feel and also adaptability to make minor adjustments should circumstances change. We each have differing requirements hence why all our homes are different. Some trends we love others we loathe but it is very much an individual taste.

Whether you are an interiors fashionista or not, a professional Interior Designer can be invaluable by creating the right, individual space for you.

So is the Avocado bathroom suite here to stay or just a passing fad? Well that depends on two things. First, does it look aesthetically pleasing and create the right atmosphere that people want to use it, and second, will designers use it in their schemes and will the general public take to it and replicate it in their own homes.


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