Spruce Up Your Interiors for Spring & Summer

Spring is here and if you want to spruce up your interiors to give them a fresh feel, here are some top tips to help you:
1. De-clutter & Spring clean. Clearing out broken, unused, unloved items can in itself create a sense of extra space.
2. Repair & Maintenance. Incomplete repairs are an eyesore like a cupboard door coming off the hinges. Finish
repairing these and straight away youíll notice a difference. For tasks that involve electrics and gas only use qualified, trained professionals.
3. Floors. If you have carpets you can have them steam cleaned but check manufacturerís recommendations first. If the carpets are worn out replace them and the underlay. Alternatively, if you have a wooden floor underneath, consider reviving it and laying down rugs. For wood or stone floorings carry out the yearly maintenance (i.e. polishing, varnishing or sealing) as advised by the

4. Walls & Woodwork. Painting is one of the simplest and cheapest methods to revitalize a room giving it a feeling of newness. Opt for a colour that brightens the room and gives it a fresh feel. Take inspiration from Mother Nature. Use tester pots in situ. You can even consider creating a feature wall using a contrasting colour or wallpaper.  
5. Furniture. Replace or give a new lease of life to old pieces of furniture that are looking tired and dated. For example you could paint a chest of draws or re-upholster an armchair. Upcycling is the latest trend where you find old items that are to be thrown away and turn them in to something useful. For example turning old crates into tables. Itís a great way of saving money and it allows you to use your creative skills to create something unique.
6. Lighting. This is something thatís often left as an after-thought and then easily forgotten. There are so many options on the market catering for all budgets, you are sure to find something you like. Also, think about table lamps and floor lamps, which as well as providing additional light, can also act as decorative pieces in their own right. Ensure any wiring work is carried out by a qualified electrician.

7. Window Treatments. A quick and simple solution for the windows is installing off the shelf, readymade blinds or curtains. There are lots of different styles, colours and patterns to choose from to match your chosen room scheme. However, most homes have different size windows and require tailored window dressings which are more expensive. There are lots of soft furnishing companies that offer blind and curtain making services. Alternatively, if youíre a dab hand at sewing making your own blind or curtains.
8. Accessories. There is a huge variety of accessories including cushions, throws, bed linen, paintings, mirrors, ornaments, candles, books and plants. These are the finishing touches that bring the whole scheme together and complete the look. Select items that you personally like and that work with the scheme. Place them strategically around the room. A word of warning, donít go over the top with accessories as the room can soon look cluttered.


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