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“Increase the number of nights paying guests
stay at your establishment."
“Increase your seating capacity whilst
still allowing customers to feel
comfortable and relaxed.

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Need to increase customer numbers; improve efficiency and productivity and retain staff?
Bijal Shah firmly believes that commercial clients can equally benefit from the services of a Professional Interior Designer hence why large corporate organisations spend vast amounts to create the ‘right atmosphere’. Whether your space is used for B2B or B2C, we understand the challenges and limitations you face like statutory requirements, Health & Safety, budget constraints, customer expectations, competition, as well as individual business-specific needs.
A well-planned work environment not only makes a positive impression on your current and potential customers, it also helps to attract and retain staff and can improve productivity. For example a dental waiting area should make patients feel at ease. An office environment needs to cater for the acoustics in an open plan layout and how this affects employees’ ability to concentrate. A hotel’s decor often strongly influences Customer’s decision to stay there. A restaurant needs to maximise seating numbers whilst at the same time ensuring customers are made to feel comfortable and relaxed so they spend more. Art Galleries need to retain a crisp and clean image allowing the art to take centre stage whilst permitting the public to view the pieces. A retirement home needs to create an environment that feels comfortable for its residents whilst ensuring facilities are available to provide for their changing needs. All businesses need to take into account health & safety and disability laws and how it affects them.
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