Residential Design Services

“Gorgeous interiors to
impress your friends.
Living Room
“Create extra storage.”
“Utilise unused space.
"Increase the size of
your home without
the cost of moving."

Light and airy kitchen

At Bijal Shah Interior Design we ‘design & create a lifestyle’ that’s suited to the way you live and work. We can save you time, hassle and money and avoid those expensive decorating mistakes. You can opt for a complete end to end service (design, sourcing & implementation) that gives you the finished article or just help with design, our services are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

The type of areas we cover includes decorating and refurbishing (Interior Design) or major structural work (Interior Architecture) like creating open plan spaces, changing entire floor layouts, redesigning kitchens and bathrooms, extensions and conversions, complete home remodelling, renovations and new Builds.

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